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Seven Kingdoms of Amber


Welcome to the wiki for my Song of Ice and Fire / Amber mashup campaign setting. This is a work in process, and will be added to as I have time to do so.


The game is an alternate Amber setting, set thousands of years after the Amber books. The events of those books are the stuff of legend, and may or may not be completely accurate in this setting. See the Legends page for more information.


Amber has been divided into seven kingdoms, which have stood for close to 10,000 years. Oberon's children founded these Seven Kingdoms, the offspring of each of Oberon's seven wives claiming a kingdom. While Oberon's children may still live, they have not been involved in affairs in Amber for several millennia, and are worshiped as gods by the people of Amber. The great city of Amber is long gone, and the ruins of the city have been long lost.


The Seven Kingdoms are:

  • Kingdom of Mountain and Vale: descendants of Cymnea (House Arryn)
  • Kingdom of the Storm Lands: descendants of Faiella (House Baratheon)
  • Kingdom of the Rock: descendants of Clarissa (House Lannister) (a game set in the Rock runs at ACNW)
  • Kingdom of the Iron Islands: descendants of Moins (House Greyjoy) (a one-shot game set in the Iron Islands ran at Roles and Rolls)
  • Kingdom of the North: descendants of Rilga (House Stark) (a game set in the North is running on Storium)
  • Kingdom of the River Lands: descendants of Dybele (House Mallister)
  • Kingdom of the Reach: descendants of Paulette (House Gardener) (a game set in the Reach runs at ACUS)


Aside from these seven "Great Houses," there are a large number of Lesser Houses. The exact relationship between Oberon's children and these Lesser Houses has been lost to the ages, but most members of the lesser houses suspect that they do have some blood relation to the Great Houses.


(In terms of Song of Ice and Fire chronology, this game takes place more than 1,000 years before the events of the Song and Ice and Fire books--prior to the arrival of Nymeria and the Rhoynar in Dorne, and long before the Targaryen conquest of Westeros.)


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